A Blog About Blogs

By: Jule Gamache

 If you’re reading this blog, than you’re probably looking for information about public relations. Well, you’re definitely on the right track. There are so many ways that blogs can be a useful tool to understand PR.
1.     Penn State’s PRSSA and PRSSA National are great resources for advice. They provide a quick way to learn about the experiences of other students. From these blogs, I found out about different internship possibilities, career paths, and opportunities to get more experience on campus.
2.     Often, blogs will provide links to more blogs. By spending a few minutes on one blog, I found five more blogs that were recommended to people who want to learn more about public relations. You can never hear enough accounts from people in the field. Each new blog post suggests more opportunities in the industry.
3.     Writing your own blog is just as important as reading other people’s blogs. Whether you are submitting a few posts to a blog such as this one, or running your own personal page, the experience of writing is very important in PR. The more blogs you write (and read), the better you will get at connecting to your audience—something that is extremely important for PR. Blogging is also a simple way to network, and we all know the importance networking.
So, next time you have a few minutes to spare, look around for some PR-related blogs. The information you find will be useful in your quest to better yourself at your craft. Blogs are a necessity for success in this business.

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